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Myanmar has a rich history of inventive, sometimes iconic art, and the talented Yangoods team aims to continue the tradition, but with a twist. Yangoods is a lifestyle brand that specializes in the blending of historical art with 21st century sensibilities to revitalize Myanmar’s heritage.

As Myanmar’s tourism industry continues to flourish and its expat community thrives, the demand for unique, high-quality souvenirs, home décor and accessories is growing — and Yangoods has heard the call.

Whether you are a traveler on the hunt for a souvenir, like a bag or stationery, or a resident looking for some art to display, we offer an ever expanding product line for you to choose from.

As of May 2015, the first line-up of Yangoods’ products is available for purchase at a variety of Yangon’s trendy hotels and restaurants. Watch this space to find out which other retail locations, including famous institutions like Bogyoke Market, will be stocking Yangoods’ goodies in the future.


Clara Baik

Clara Baik, from Seoul, began her career as a fashion designer. She worked her way up the ranks until she headed the China division of Korea’s most famous fashion brand, ‘Beanpole’. Clara brings her keen eye for business development and extensive experience in the world of merchandise and retail to the team.

Delphine de Lorme

Creativity flows freely through the veins of prolific Parisian artist and interior decorator Delphine de Lorme. Delphine creates larger-than-life pop art pieces for Yangoods, and her unique talent in blending styles and textures gives her work a distinctive stamp.

Htin Htin

Htin Htin, a native of Yangon and Head of Public Relations for Yangoods, requires little introduction to Yangon’s progressive, fashion-forward community. She comes with extensive knowledge of Myanmar’s culture and changing trends as well as her expansive network of friends in the fashion industry, the media, and in celebrity circles.



Inspired by Myanmar’s heroes, famous symbols and relics, Yangoods’ products celebrate the country’s deep and diverse artistic history, while also reinvigorating it through its eclectic product line. Visitors to Myanmar will find that Yangoods has taken standard souvenirs, such as post cards and magnets, beyond the blasé through the use of abstract patterns and original art. Pouches, scarves, jewelry and other handicrafts that combine aspects of Myanmar’s heritage with contemporary Asian designs are also available for purchase.

Lifelong locals and expats alike will find an array of Yangoods’ products to brighten up both their home and office. Items like Chin themed cushions, abstract Aung San Suu Kyi artwork and wood and aluminum pop art posters and paintings will spice up just about any given space. Handcrafted soaps, candleholders, and miscellaneous accessories can be found to accompany each of the aforementioned styles.

Yangoods’ creativity is fluid, a fact well reflected in its ever-evolving product line.