Yangoods carries on the traditions and iconic art of Myanmar by blending the land’s unique culture with stylish 21st century sensibilities. Colorful and original, Yangoods items are a part of your everyday life as fashion, accessories and memorable gifts.

Myanmar is a land rich in heritage and variety with its many different ethnic groups throughout the country. Yet, Yangon is special. It is a city where cultures collide. The past and the future blends together into an intricate canvas. Yangoods is aptly named after this wonderful city drawing inspiration from its very soul.


Founded by friends who share the love of culture and fashion, Yangoods team embraced this sentiment throughout our journey.

With a myanmar creative team serving to ignite their inspiration spark, Yangoods bring to life a new outlook on Myanmar fashion.

What started with a small shop in the Bogyoke Market back in May 2015, has now grown into a national presence. At Yangoods 9 boutiques all over Myanmar, visitors can embrace a world filled with colorful culture of the land. As one of the fastest rising brands in the country, Yangoods boutiques can be found in key locations in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Taunggyi.

Also, within launching a community of loyal audience known as the Insider back in 2018, it now thrives on in the heart of over 30,000 members.

Embracing this lush and exquisite heritage, it’s presence throughout the land and unique creativity. Yangoods is striving to become the first International Myanmar fashion brand. Constantly dreaming and weaving wonders in our designs, Yangoods seeks to share Myanmar with the world.