At Yangoods, creativity is the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to delivering products that embody the perfect blend of creativity and quality. From iconic Burmese princess bags to traditional longgyi, scarves, jewelry, and scented candles, our wide range of fashion and lifestyle accessories creating a contemporary look that speaks to the modern world. ​

Our strong collaboration with manufacturers across Asia allows us to bring our vision to life with precision and attention to detail. We take pride in producing products that showcase our dedication to excellence from fabrics to metals, every material is chosen for its superior quality and aesthetic appeal.

Princess Collection

A tribute to the elegance and allure of Burmese ladies

Our iconic "Princess" collection is a celebration of the enduring spirit and innate beauty of Burmese ladies, making a statement that resonates with the sophisticated and discerning modern woman.​

Vintage Collection

Highlights the cultural pattern and textures

"Vintage" collection highlights the cultural patterns and textures creating a nostalgic and charming appeal capturing the beauty of bygone eras with a blend of history and style.​

Monogram Collection

Represent brand symbolic character

"Monogram" collection represents our brand's symbolic character, featuring our distinctive logo and signature motifs. It embodies our identity and offers a touch of exclusivity for those who appreciate the art of branding.​

Eternal Collection

Contemporary twist between modern and culture

"Eternal" collection merges modernity with cultural allure, adding a contemporary twist for a timeless and captivating style.

"Pop" Infused with fun and vibrant Burmese retro artwork

"Pop" collection infused with fun and vibrant Burmese retro artwork with playful designs, and a lively spirit, appealing to those who seek to make a bold fashion statement.

"Ethnic" Showcase the beauty of Myanmar’s diversity

"Ethnic" collection showcases the beauty and diversity of Myanmar’s ethnic group through its intricate patterns, traditional motifs, vibrant colors and their unique cultural identities.​

Chinoiseries": Inspired by the Burmese royal aesthetics,

"Chinoiseries" collection combines the elegance of Oriental-inspired design elements with Myanmar's royal cultural influences. It offers a sophisticated and regal touch for those who appreciate refined beauty. ​

"Romance" Floral elements with a sophisticated color palette

"Romance" collection captivates with its delicate floral elements and a sophisticated color palette for those who embrace femininity and seek timeless beauty in their fashion choices. ​