Social Proj​ects

” Our commitment lies in making a positive social impact where the local community is united in their love for art, where artists have the freedom to push boundaries, inspire innovation, and enrich the lives of individuals and the entire community. “

Yangon Walls

YGN WALLS brings art to the streets of Yangon, making it accessible to all. It also empowers communities, as neighbors become involved in protecting and preserving these artistic spaces by offering new pathways to explore the charming colonial streets of downtown. With the valuable support of YCDC and the dedicated assistance of numerous volunteers, we rejuvenate neglected alleys, breathing life into them through meticulous cleaning and restoration efforts.

We Love Yangon

In the spirit of Burmese culture and compassion, Yangoods was humbled to lend its contribution to WE LOVE YANGON, a commendable community-based charity organization spearheading the fight against Covid-19 through exceptional humanitarian work during challenging times. Under the theme of 'Spread the Love' (Help with Kindness), our campaign pledged to donate 1,000 kyats for every individual who shared Yangoods' CSR Campaign post, uniting efforts to contribute a substantial sum of 10,000,000 Kyats towards their invaluable mission.