The Brand

Yangoods is proud to be a leading fashion and lifestyle brand in Myanmar that represents Timeless Modernity through Asia’s rich heritage.
​Each collection tells a cultural story that bridges the past, embracing the present, and celebrating individuality.​

The Mission

We aim to celebrate the diversity and beauty of Myanmar’s art and culture while continuing to move forward with a commitment to preserving it for the future generation.​

The Vision

Together, we envision a future where we can share the magnificence of Myanmar with the world through our brand.​

The History

Yangoods was born in 2015, and the first collection was presented in a small boutique within the bustling Bazaar of Yangon. Surrounded by rubies and jade counters, this vibrant space attracts both locals and tourists; Handbags, cushions, scarves, and other accessories poetically tell the mysterious world of Burma.

The brand experienced instant success. Today, Yangoods proudly operates 12 stores across Myanmar and has expanded its reach internationally, with a presence in Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

The Customer

Our customers are modern, fashion-forward women who embody confidence, independence, and adventure who strive to stand out with their unique sense of style and fashion choices. We value their voices and strive to establish a strong connection, ensuring they feel valued and heard.