The Founders

Yangoods emerged unexpectedly from a dinner shared between Delphine and Htin Htin, two individuals whose paths were seemingly unconnected. In the land of 1,000 pagodas, fate brought them together, igniting a creative spark that would give birth to Yangoods.

Delphine, a Parisian artist who had previously worked in the media industry, made a life-changing decision to relocate to Southeast Asia. With a passion for exploration, frequently journeys throughout Southeast Asia hunting for rare and unique pieces. During one such trip, she found herself captivated by the breathtaking beauty of Burma, its cultural diversity, artistic richness, and the warmth of its people, Delphine made the decision to make Burma her new home.

Htin Htin, on the other hand, was raised in Kachin, a northern province of Myanmar. At the age of 22, she made a life-altering move to Yangon, the country’s capital, with a vision to create an ultra-modern fashion magazine that would celebrate diversity and cultural richness. Htin Htin brought her deep knowledge of Myanmar’s fashion industry, along with her extensive network in the fashion media and celebrity, to the forefront.

When Delphine and Htin Htin meet, their shared passion ignites a transformative journey. Delphine’s artistic vision shapes the designs, while Htin Htin’s expertise brings them to life. Bound by their shared vision, they embark on a remarkable venture celebrating Myanmar’s cultural heritage.

The Dream Team

Our dream team comprises 95 exceptional individuals, each bringing their unique talents, expertise, and passion to the forefront. Each team member is driven by a shared vision and a deep commitment to the success and growth of the brand. With their collective efforts, we continue to shape the future of our brand and make dreams a reality.​

Meet the Core Teams

Thet Htet Naing

Head of Design

Chaw Chaw Su San

Art Director

Htet Pai Myo Min

Assistant Design Manager

Wine Thinzar Maung

Senior Product Designer

Myat Thwe Aung

Head of Merchandising


Global Wholesale Executive

Thin Theint Theint Aung

Brand Marketing Executive

May Chan Myae

PR & Communication

Htet Wai Wai Han

Visual Merchandising Executive

Htun Htun Win

Head of Logistics